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The skill to successfully express your idea via well-crafted articles is critical in today's fast-paced digital world. With our expert article-writing services, newsmakers and marketers can utilize the power of words within a few hours. Whether you require informative and entertaining news pieces or marketing-related articles, you can rely on us.

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Journal selection

Based on the context of your paper, we deal with the journal recommendations after reviewing your manuscript. It helps you decide the suitable journal for your research paper to submit to.

  • Comparison guide - We provide you core information and details about the top 5 most suitable journals for your paper including the database list, impact factor, publication chart, and frequency of publication.
  • Detailed feedback - After reviewing your paper thoroughly, our experts give detailed feedback on your manuscript that includes the quality of the paper, language, structure, significance of the result, and many other factors.

Peer-Submission Peer Review

Paper review by qualified and experienced professionals who focus on the reporting of the method, the accuracy of study design, the sufficiency of data analysis, the importance of the market and field, and ethical soundness.

  • Detailed Report Of Technical Aspects:We provide you constructive and detailed feedback on evidence supporting the conclusion, organization and structure, clarity of the presentation, the competence of literature review, and others aspects of your paper.
  • Compatibility Check Of The Journals:If you have any journals selected on a prior basis, we offer a detailed analysis and assessment of the compatibility of the manuscript to the targeted journal to be submitted.

Substantive Editing

If you are looking to submit your international journal on high-impact peer review, our substantive editing is a specifically tailored service for you.

  • 365 days’ rejection shield: Enjoy an exclusive facility with substantive editing which guarantees that your paper is ready for resubmission
  • The substantive editing services we offer at Urban Publishers involve thorough editing that centers around the structure, presentation, and logic of your paper to ensure its submission.
  • • We have a dedicated team of proficient and experienced individuals who are specialized in different subjects and ensure content improvement and thorough reviewing.

Manuscript Formatting And Artwork Editing Services

Offering services of manuscript formatting and artwork editing services

  • Proof Reading: We provide a free of corrections document from the grammar and mechanical errors
  • Formatting: We cater to the reference, text, and table formatting according to the required guidelines of the journal
  • Cover letter:Providing you a compelling and clear cover letter to submit along with your paper, outlining the originality of your research paper

Journal Submission

Taking the help of professionals helps greatly in understanding the complexities of the process as well as aids in the submission of the paper. It helps in saving time and guarantees a detailed review of the key points prior to the submission.

  • If needed, we prepare a cover letter for you
  • On your behalf, our submission experts look after the exhausting process of submitting the paper
  • We take care of the completion of all the necessary formalities from the form details filing to uploading the documentation
  • We double-check the paper to make sure of the compliance journal guidelines to make your submission successful.

Revised Or Rejected Paper Editing

We have a team designed to cater to the comprehensive reviewing, re-editing, formatting of the content of your paper. We guarantee to address all the comments in your paper before you submit it again.

  • Cover letter: Providing you a compelling and clear cover letter to submit along with your paper, outlining the originality of your research paper
  • Two rounds of editing:Undertaken by a subject-matter expert to ensure all reviewer feedback is addressed. You can check the first draft and share your inputs for a final round of editing.
  • Reviewer response:We make sure to address all the comments by the reviewer in the manuscript and to respond accordingly.

Plagiarism Check

We provide cent percent original content and ensure the authenticity of your paper. We use advanced software to check plagiarism like Turnitin. We scan your paper over the software to identify the plagiarism error in your manuscript. We provide the report, highlighting the texts that are counted as plagiarized by the software.

Share Your Ideas and Experiences with The Help of Expert Article Writers.

Urban Book Publishers believes that your voice deserves to be heard and shared with the rest of the world. Our skilled article writers are here to assist you in articulating your ideas, transforming them into engaging words that put your opinions in the spotlight. We will be your trusted partner in writing an article that not only expresses your distinct point of view but also benefits readers and generates relevant discussions.

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of making your paper appear and rank it in the search index as high as possible. It helps in turning potential clients and traffic and ensures visibility by search engines including Bing, Google, and others. This refers to the fact that integrating SEO practices can drive more people to your page and increase visibility in the community. It as well potentially advances the citation. Here are a few useful SEO tips:

Here are a few useful SEO tips:

  • AAdd subheadings or titles (with keywords) to the different sections of your paper
  • In the abstract and title use keywords
  • Ensure to place links to your article from relevant websites e.g. your institute’s website, Wikipedia, LinkedIn, blogs, and social media
Urban Book Publishers Article Writing and Publication Services

Publish Your Opinions and Experiences!

Allow us to be your mode of expression, and let your thoughts inspire people all around the globe. Our website article writing services will help you to build a name for yourself and offer your beneficial views to a dedicated audience.

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Our high-quality article writing services are available for so cheap that it is out of the ordinary. Our expert writers know storytelling like the back of their hands. Therefore, even at unimaginably low rates, your work gets the attention it deserves.

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Marketing Articles

Our industry experts can write a variety of article types that go deep into marketing your brand, delivering insights, trends, and ideas to help your audience. Our article writing includes keyword research, industry research, social media techniques, and content production.

Profitable services

Academic Articles

Academic writings that fulfill rigorous research requirements are our specialty. Our skilled writers and subject matter specialists can help you with research, academic publishing, or knowledge expansion. Our publications give significant insights by focusing on correctness, credibility, and academic traditions.

Secure ownership

Medical Articles

Our medical articles provide insights, current research, and expert commentary on a variety of healthcare subjects. Our papers are carefully researched and written for medical professionals, students, and everyone interested in medical knowledge. The aim is to help produce content that is professionally helpful.

Qualified experts

News Articles

Our expert writers can help you turn your news piece into a spectacle. From attractive headlines to attention-grabbing summaries, our writers know how to spread the word throughout the digital world. Your article will be expertly optimized for organic search visibility and specially formulated for social media success.

Industrial Articles

Articles sharing industrial insights require extra care and attention. Our carefully selected subject experts provide in-depth research, expert viewpoints, and first-hand experience. Our industrial article writers are fully equipped with the skills to attract both experienced professionals and inquisitive minds.

Professional excellence

Research Articles

Looking to share new findings, cutting-edge technology, and authoritative insights? Our research writers are at your service. We will cover your articles in your specific style and ensure that your audience feels the resemblance of your writing style and find it engaging.


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