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Engage with fans, promote books, and build a brand with our talented designers. Our Author Website Design Services cover all your needs, like appealing layouts, smooth navigation, bespoke author profiles, book galleries, and event calendars.

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Building Your Online Presence with Customized Website for Authors.

Authors need an online presence to reach readers across the world. We know your website is a place where readers may explore your life and get to know you better. Our agency provides "website designs for authors that are personalized for showcasing your brand identity, style, and literary vision.

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Expert Author Website Builders at Your Service

Our professional "Author Website Builders" create beautiful, practical, and user-friendly author websites. With our expertly designed website, you can interact with fans, showcase your work, and establish your brand.

  • Customizable Article Writing Bundles

    Our packages for author website development are customizable.

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    Authors can purchase our services individually or even altogether with our all-in-one value offer

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  • Native USA English Writers

    We always work with Native USA English speaking web-developers to reduce friction.

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We Give You an Online Platform That’s Globally Available

We specialize in web designing for author websites to boost their internet visibility. Our website designs are easy-to-use, beautiful, and attract the right kind of traffic like book enthusiasts, agencies, and publishers.

Why Choose Urban Book Publishers?

We are the ideal choice when hiring author website designers. Our designers and developers specialize in integrating custom functionalities into websites that are specifically useful for authors. These special features grab readers' attention straight away

Affordable pricing

Eye Catching Design

We create stunning designs that are representative of your uniqueness, that capture the essence of the value you provide, and that leave an indelible impression by striking the ideal balance between aesthetics, functionality with a quality user experience. With an attractive design and user-friendly interface, we transform your website into a haven for those who love reading.

Profitable services

High Converting Copy

Our skilled copywriters will develop material that is engaging and entertaining for your targeted audience, and they will do it in a manner that caters to your needs. We are adept in the technique of developing content that has the power to boost conversion rates, from writing headlines that are gripping to writing calls-to-action that are effective in encouraging your visitors to click buy.

Secure ownership

Quick Loading Speed

We go above and beyond to make sure that your website loads fast in the blink of an eye by doing things like optimizing the pictures and the code as well as using caching solutions. Attract your audience from the minute they arrive on your website if you take advantage of our solutions that will speed up the loading process. This will ensure that they remain interested and will continue exploring.

Qualified experts

Conversion Funnels

Conversion Funnels are useful in skillfully guiding people through your author’s website to the checkout page. Through the use of customized calls-to-action, appealing landing pages, and tailored email marketing campaigns, we assist you in converting website traffic into customers, readers, and then devoted fans.

eCommerce Setup

Our eCommerce services enable you to sell books, merch, and original content on your website. We streamline the shopping process for your visitors by integrating trusted payment methods and creating product pages that are easy to navigate. We always design author websites in a way that makes them specialized for selling.

Professional excellence

Content Automation

We provide an innovative and easy-to-use method for automating all the blogs, updates, and new content you want to share. As you create fresh content on your website, the content management system will submit your material in a que to get published at a certain date and time


A well-designed author website serves as your virtual home, allowing you to communicate, interact, and establish a loyal following. With our author website design services, you can take the initial step toward developing your online presence and attracting individuals or groups who love your work.

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