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Successful Author Website Design Services

We create great websites for authors, writers, agents, publishers, editors, journalists, bloggers, illustrators, academics, playwrights, writers’ groups – anyone involved in writing and publishing in fact.

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Intriguing Author Website Design Services For You And Your Book

Once you have completed your book, you will need an author website design services to ensure a solid online presence. The author website design is what acts as the pillar and plays a vital role in constructing and strengthening your online strategy. Prospects interested in your book willing to know more about you will search for your website to crosscheck your credibility. Hence, establishing an author website design that interacts with your readers and spreads out the image you want to convey to the world is critical for the success of your book.

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Purpose of An Author Website Design Services

Our website design is based on giving you the author the best possible platform to promote information about your books , to ensure you achieve the highest levels of online visibility.

  • If you are looking forward to marketing your book and planning out a strategy, you cannot miss out on the principal element that is the author's website. It is important for the publishers and authors to have a mobile-friendly website that gives out a professional spark.

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  • When you have an author’s website, you will also have an entire domain registered in your name. That alludes to the fact that you can include anything and everything of your personal choice and desire. You will have the freedom to post whatever you like. It can validate your online existence.

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  • No doubt you must be eager to communicate with your readers or want to convey the information about the book or the author’s bio to your targeted audience. We have a solution of integrating the mailing list signup from your website that will connect to your social network accounts.

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Build Audience Through Your Author Website

The objective behind establishing the author's website is to build an audience and strengthen personal branding. Who doesn’t wish to build a professional persona for interested publishers, journalists, readers, and agents? We realize how essential it is for you, therefore, we ensure to give your author's website a look that will leave an influence directly over the targeted and potential audience, exerting a positive impression.

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Need Help to Stand Out Amongst the Authors?

We help authors become prominent and shine by providing them with a professional yet creative author’s website. We design our websites in a manner that they have an easy update system that makes the use and management of the site easier and simpler.

Designing Your Author Website

Urban Publishers is your one-stop solution for getting a great author’s website. No matter if you are a well-known novelist or have started your writing career recently, we will help you build and sustain the personality of your online market just as you want it to be.

Choose a Domain Name

Choosing the right domain name is one of the most important decisions you will make when starting out with your author website.

Pages For Your Author Website

Most visitors expect to find certain information on an author’s website. You want to make sure that you provide all the relevant information for all the different groups of people that will check out your site

Build an Audience

Take your social media presence to another level. Connect your website to every social media network where you are active. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads and more.

Promote Your Writing with a Newsletter

Building an email list is the best way to stay connected to the new and existing fans that find their way to your author website.

Search Engine Optimization for Author Websites

Once you have all your content on your website, the next step is to make sure your author website gets the proper attention from Google and other search engines. Making you Appear in all the search results that you want is our commitment.

Your Author Website Stand Out and Shine Bright! We Can Help You Become Unique.

Building a personal brand is important for an author; it works in a similar fashion to publicizing. Just as the book cover adds a connection to the book that readers build their first impression from and get connected emotionally, an author’s website holds the same touch of emotions. It has a similar effect on the readers. Every visit of a reader on your website is a golden opportunity for you to strongly connect with them, build emotional connection, gain a fan, add a subscriber; all the aforementioned elements contribute to better selling of your book.

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