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Making texts better is what we do best. Many authors today have manuscripts that are completed but only need expert editing. They just can’t do it because of the lack of time or any other reason. Thus, our book editing services help them publish their projects with speed.

We Will Provide You Best Professional Book Editing Services With Highly Affordable Solutions.

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An unedited manuscript is like a treasure never discovered. Every pending manuscript has the potential to become a best seller if it is handled by specialists. We have the best book editors for hire to ensure that our clients get the excellent services they had hoped for.

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You can make it to the best-selling titles by getting Urban Book Publishers’ editing, and publishing solutions

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Book cover design for The Witching Hour
Book cover design for The Witching Hour
Book cover design for The Witching Hour
Book cover design for The Witching Hour
Book cover design for The Witching Hour
Book cover design for The Witching Hour
Book cover design for The Witching Hour
Book cover design for The Witching Hour
Book cover design for The Witching Hour

We Strive to Make Your Work Better.

Get all your pending manuscripts out into the public, fully refined and published with professional editorial services.

Professional Line Editing for Manuscript

Service Includes: Expert attention to detail and correcting subtle inconsistencies, and errors that the unprofessional eye would not capture.

Suitable for: For all authors who are lack time for editing and proofreading.

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Professional Copy Editing for Manuscript

Service Includes: Correcting all grammatical, punctuation, spelling errors, typos, and factual errors. Basically, any mistake that should never be in a piece of literature.

Suitable for: For authors who are non-native English speakers

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Professional Book Proofreading for Manuscript

Service Includes: Final screening for minor spelling mistakes or typos that may go unnoticed even after editing but still should not be in any literary work.

Suitable for: For native or non-native, new or experienced authors

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Refining Your Script to Perfection

When you hire book editors, you need to know if they have a successful portfolio, and we can say it with proof that, yes, we have. Our agency is one of the top-rated in the USA, and we aim to keep it that way by taking every one of our clients to great success.

Our Online Editor Service for Swift Accuracy.

When you hire us for editing work, we dedicate a book editorial team to your specific project. We do this to ensure that your project is delivered with absolute accuracy and max attention-grabbing potential.

  • • Grammatical accuracy with accurate spelling and punctuation.
  • • Fact-checking and political correctness.
  • • Formatting according to industry standards.
  • • Using specific terminology for your specific niche.
  • • Improving passages that can be put in better words.
  • • Multiple reviews for changes and corrections.
  • • Progress transparency with consistent reports.
  • • Per Chapter review for client satisfaction.
  • • Improving text through clients’ feedback.
  • • Updating content to sound more relatable.
  • • Improving conversational flow and readability.
  • • Implementing author voice to pre-written manuscripts.
  • • Improving quality and removing redundancy.

Why Choose Urban Book Publishers?

Our online editing and writing teams are available to serve you 24/7. We are the only book editing company to offer you top-level service for very cheap pricing. You will not find such attractive options on any other editing service but ours.

Affordable pricing

Expert Editing

The quality of your content is more important for your audience than the content itself. That is what we specialize in, improving the words to drive maximum impact.

Profitable services

High Accuracy

We can confidently say that our editors are some of the best on the market because they remove all the shortcomings from every manuscript we receive.

Secure ownership

Transparent Process

Our work progress will always be transparent. We keep you up to date by sharing the chapter-by-chapter editing reports. We do this to keep the bond with clients strong, straightforward, and effective.

Qualified experts

Refining Manuscript

Even if your manuscript is free of mistakes, there’s always potential for improvement. We fine-tune content and remove all redundancy to ensure maximum refinement.

On-Time Delivery

Your project is our responsibility, and we will always deliver it on the schedule. We also provide experess delivery upon client’s requests.

Our Pricing is Exceptional, Just Like Our Services

When we handle your project, you can be sure that you will get max value for your money. Our book editors for hire will give you expert service at the best possible price you can find on the market.

  • Price
  • Typos
  • Spellings
  • US or UK
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Fact-checking
  • Consistency
  • Repetitions
  • Clarity
  • Style & flow
  • Cutting
  • Rewriting
  • Line-editing
  • From $30/1000 words
  • Some
  • Copy-editing
  • From $25/1000 words
  • Some
  • Proof-reading
  • From $20/1000 words
  • Some


Authors often have hidden treasures laying around their work desks. However, they are too busy to look for them. Therefore, they hire Urban Book Publishers to refine their hidden gems and produce the next best-selling masterpiece through premium editing work. Here’s our golden opportunity. Take the first step to transform your old manuscript into a full-fledged publication.

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