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Urban Book Publishers: The Final Revival of Opal & Nev

Urban Book Publishers: Philip Roth: The Biography

Urban Book Publishers: The Hill We Climb: An Inaugural Poem for the Country

Urban Book Publishers: The Midnight Library: A Novel

Urban Book Publishers: Eight Hundred Grapes

Urban Book Publishers: The Hate U Give

Urban Book Publishers: The Lost Apothecary: A Novel

Urban Book Publishers: Good Company: A Novel

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We help you itch literary masterpieces through our creative book writing services. Hire globally-recognized book writers today.

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Don’t Have Time to Put Pen to Paper? We Have Book Writers for Hire.

As writers ourselves, we understand that authors are brimming with ideas, and some get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of work on their hands. Therefore, we have come up with a perfect solution for your problems. Our book writers for hire will be your agency. Urban Book Publishers promise you perfection in writing, 100% copyrights, and absolute anonymity. The idea or project we produce for you is completely yours, we only provide the wordplay, and you get all the awards. Take action now because you won’t find a better book writing company.

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Book cover design for The Witching Hour
Book cover design for The Witching Hour
Book cover design for The Witching Hour
Book cover design for The Witching Hour
Book cover design for The Witching Hour
Book cover design for The Witching Hour
Book cover design for The Witching Hour
Book cover design for The Witching Hour
Book cover design for The Witching Hour
Book cover design for The Witching Hour

Take The Right Step Toward Your New Best-Selling Success

You won’t find offers like ours on any other book writing website. Our packages are specially designed for writers by writers. We know what you need, and we offer it to you at the cheapest prices.

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    You can purchase our top services altogether as one single package for the most value for money.

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    We guarantee you premium quality with complete authenticity.

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Don’t wait to on your dream anymore! You have reached the ultimate website for writing a book. This is a golden opportunity, grab it with both arms and make the best of it.

Writers and Books go Hand in Hand.

Unless an expert writer puts his pen to paper, a book cannot exist. That is the pain point we aim to solve by being your writing hands so the world can benefit from your ideas.

Special Features of our Packages
  • In-depth research of your topic with detailed fact-checking for data representation.
  • Publish-ready content, adhering to all formalities and standards.
  • Video Book Trailers and marketing materials.
  • Layout planning and manuscript drafting.
  • Expert editing while improving upon the initial draft.
  • Proofreading content for any factually incorrect information or mistakes.
  • Complete compliance with the genre-specific guidelines.
  • Book cover designing with respect to your brand voice and targeted audience.
  • A-to-Z support for traditional and self-publishing.
  • Book listing on all major bookselling platforms.
  • Global marketing campaigns.
  • Editorial Review and Critical analysis

Why Choose Urban Book Publishers?

Everyone can write, but not all writers can produce great content. This is why you need professionals who have improved their skills to perfection over years of hard work. Our experience is diverse, and we have experts in every field. You can hire us to write books for writing, children’s books, self-help books, and any other genre you can think of.

Affordable pricing

Trust Worthiness

We have worked with best-sellers and have produced some of their best works. What makes us more trustworthy than any other writing service is our anonymous status, great quality, and commitment to our words.

Profitable services


Our clientele can rely on us with absolute confidence because we will execute your work at a moment’s notice. Our writing team is always ready and prepared to do what you ask of us.

Secure ownership


It is said that today nothing is original, but you’ll are compelled to think otherwise with us. We ensure 100% originality of your ideas.

Qualified experts


Without research, great content cannot be produced. Therefore, we have made it our mission to extensively research every topic that we receive from our clientele. Our writers hit search engines and other primary resources to produce factually correct, well-researched content.


Your feedback is the cornerstone of our work. We review the contents of your manuscript multiple times to ensure that the work is absolutely to your liking. However, we are always willing to edit the content based on your feedback. Upon completion of every chapter, we will request feedback, ensuring to deliver what you paid for.


Our services are cheap in terms of pricing but premium in terms of quality. Urban Book Publishers is here to produce best-sellers at a budget-friendly cost. From children’s story books to best books on novel writing instructions, we have produced them all.

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