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Self-Publishing Children’s Books is Now Easy

Have an adventurous bedtime story for kids? Bring what you think to ink by self-publishing children’s books.

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Want Your Children’s Book in Public ASAP? Hire Our Kids Book Publishers!

Kids grow so fast! Every year, a child is in a different state of mind. Hence, they need new content to trigger intrigue. This is both an opportunity and a challenge. Children’s book authors need to come up with more ideas, but they can sell new book titles to the same audience every year. This approach requires breakneck publishing speed, which obviously a single author cannot muster up.

Thus, Urban Book Publishers has a very professional publishing offer. Our kids’ book publishers ensure your book gets published in the minimum time necessary. Here are some of the benefits of hiring us.

    Benefits for Author

  • Get content material that invokes imagination and learning.
  • Comprehensive, fast, and hassle-free publishing.
  • Multiple printing options like hardcopy, digital, or print-on-demand.
  • Benefits for Reader

  • Creative stories and intriguing illustrations for all ages.
  • New age-appropriate books to read and enjoy every year.
  • Lessons and skills in words that even the simplest minds can absorb.
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Our Fun-tastic Children’s Book Portfolio

Still not ready to hire our children’s book publishing company? Our children’s book portfolio can change your mind.

Book cover design for The Lost City
Book cover design for The Inheritance
Book cover design for The Diamond Heist
Book cover design for The Assassin's Blade
Book cover design for The Forbidden Kingdom
Book cover design for The Secret Society
Book cover design for The Curse of the Mummy
Book cover design for The Witching Hour
Book cover design for The Witching Hour
Book cover design for The Witching Hour
Book cover design for The Witching Hour
Book cover design for The Witching Hour
Book cover design for The Witching Hour
Book cover design for The Witching Hour
Book cover design for The Witching Hour
Book cover design for The Witching Hour
Book cover design for The Witching Hour

Offering Children’s Book Publishing Services Worldwide

Many authors often face a location problem, but not our clients though! Our USA children’s book publishing company is globally accessible online.

  • Customizable Children’s Book Publisher Packages

    Our clients have the leverage of customizing their packages according to their convenience.

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    Book cover design for Girl A
  • 24/7 Expert Customer Service Staff

    We take customer experience very seriously and ensure that they get dedicated attention.

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  • Complete USA Native English Speaking Teams

    No matter where you are from, you can easily talk to our staff.

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Hook Their Concentration!

Want kids to see your book and say, “Mommy/Daddy, can I have this, please?” Hire the kids’ book publishers agency that can achieve this feat.

Creating a Life-Long Audience for Your Children’s Book!

What makes us a better choice than other children’s publishing companies is our approach. Our work is top-notch and leaves long-lasting effects. Just imagine a whole generation growing up with your book titles. In a few short years, those same kids (now adults) will be buying your books for their kids. Our service features help authors build a generational audience.


  • Children book a consultation on the house.
  • Creating mesmerizing illustrations to trigger the imagination.
  • Age-appropriate writing to help the kids absorb the content.
  • Reviews to get feedback on ensure we are going in the right direction.
  • Expert editing to ensure the best choice of words for children.
  • Improving the visual appeal for young readers by formatting.
  • Marketing your books across multiple channels.
  • Printing options to suit your strategy and budget.
  • Publishing in a specific area and industry or worldwide.


  • Understanding your project and its purpose to approach it right.
  • Entice children into turning page after page with creative visuals.
  • Triggering lifelong learning and improving attention span.
  • Ensures that we are fulfilling the author’s vision and intention.
  • Making the text easy to read and remember for a younger audience.
  • Creating a visual flow in your content to improve readability.
  • Reach a wider audience and develop brand recognition.
  • Printing in hardcover, softcover, print in digital format, or POD.
  • Generate a niche audience or obtain global popularity.

Why Choose Urban Book Publishers?

Combine your ideas with our years of experience. Your children’s books are set to achieve the following sureties.

Affordable pricing

Memorable Content

We produce easily learnable and memorable content for children’s books. Be it a fairy tale or a poetic book, we make it memorable.

Profitable services

Physical and Digital Publishing

Reduce printing costs with eBook publishing services. We also print on demand without letting you exceed your budget plan.

Secure ownership

Passionate Subject Specialist

Our genre experts ensure your book gets the most attention it deserves. This is why you’ll always have the niche experts working alongside you.

Qualified experts

Cross Platform Marketing

Our marketing strategy maximizes the value of your content and markets it to the right audience.

Quality Print Materials

Paper comes in different quality categories. Whether you opt for a glossy look or a matte paper sheet, we ensure your book has a great look and feel.

Professional excellence

Hooky Illustrations

Our expert artists create illustrations for playful minds. The book’s visuals will hook every child passing by.


Don’t settle for high publishing fees or giving away your credit rights to traditional publishers when Self-publishing for children’s books is an option. Let us handle your publishing work to make everything easy and hassle-free for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to self-publish a children’s book?

You obviously don’t want to deal with the profit and credit sharing with traditional publishers. Therefore, you should publish your own children’s book by yourself. Self-publishing has now become an industry with overwhelming competition. You need to be fast with your ideas. After that, you have to carry out all the steps by yourself. However, Urban Book Publishers have great options for self-publishing children’s book authors. You can work on your ideas while our experts will produce, publish, and print your dies.

Services by Urban Book Publishers for children’s books?

Our comprehensive publishing services for children’s books are available as per the client’s needs. Our services include consultation, drafting, writing, editing, formatting, proofreading, illustrations, marketing, printing, and publishing. These services can ensure the following benefits for authors:

  • Engaging and impactful content
  • Swift turnaround time and on-time delivery
  • Quality editing and appealing formatting
  • High accuracy and verifiable authenticity
  • Effective marketing strategies and brand recognition
  • Listing on all major eBook publishing platforms
Can I use my illustrations?

For children’s books, illustrations are necessary. Children are more prone to engage with pictures rather than words. Their simple minds absorb and understand pictures more easily. Thus, our experts create illustrations that are age-appropriate. With this technique, we create playful visual messages and instructions to engage kids.

Key steps for self-publishing kids’ books?

When self-publishing kids’ books, you need to be vigilant about a few rules. To ensure you are well set to launch your children’s book into the market, you must first do the following:

  • Have a great ideas
  • Verify if your idea has a copyright
  • Determine your print medium (Physical or Digital)
  • Create a publishing budget
  • Expert knowledge of industry standards and media regulations
  • Our children’s book publishing services by your side
Age restrictions for Urban Book Publishers?

We do not have specific age restrictions. You can specify your target demographic, and we will produce an appropriate book for them. The contents of the book will be right for your audience and will clearly share your message. Through our services, your readers get what you want to show them. The characters, the stories, and the plotlines you develop reach your readers in words and illustrations that your target audience understands.

What’s the self-publishing timeline?

To ensure your project gets fast execution and delivery, we hold a complimentary consultation. This session is on the house but generates immense value for the client’s projects. Here, we understand your aims and ambitions for producing your children’s book. With the consultation, we get a good idea of what your project needs for success. After this analysis, our experts will get back to you with cheap yet high-value children’s book publishing bundles along with an ETA.

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