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Urban Book Publishers: The Final Revival of Opal & Nev

Urban Book Publishers: Philip Roth: The Biography

Urban Book Publishers: The Hill We Climb: An Inaugural Poem for the Country

Urban Book Publishers: The Midnight Library: A Novel

Urban Book Publishers: Eight Hundred Grapes

Urban Book Publishers: The Hate U Give

Urban Book Publishers: The Lost Apothecary: A Novel

Urban Book Publishers: Good Company: A Novel

Offering The Best Ghostbook Writing Services

Hire Urban’s Professional Ghostbook writing services to give your idea a voice that could be heard all around the world. It’s your idea, your knowledge, your book with your name. We take no credit and no royalties as on completion of your ghostwriting project we FULLY Transfer Copyrights to you.

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Our Ghostwriters Are Here To Give Soul To Your Idea.

Your imagination for book writing might just be a base for a great advancement. Urban Book Publishers is here to get you to the next step by converting your idea to a book by professional ghostwriters. We believe that every story needs good narration and is important and therefore, have employed the best of the best ghostwriters from the writing industry. We assure that you will find the most creative and innovative ghostwriters here at Urban Ghostwriting.

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Urban, offering the best writing, editing, and publishing solutions.

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Urban Professional & Affordable Ghost Book Writing– This is Where You Evolve

Our Ghostwriters can help you reach your dream of becoming a published author of your Magnum opus!

  • Customized Ghostwriting Urban Offers

    Before taking any step pertaining to your book, we will properly consult with you on your ghostwriting project.

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  • All-In-One Services

    An all-in-one package for your book, professional ghost book writing, ghost book drafting, proofreading, formatting, and publishing.

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  • Ghostwriting Specialist Services

    Team up with the most exuberant ghostwriters and editors across the globe to create a conspicuous masterpiece like many famous bestseller books.

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Waited long enough to get your manuscript published? Well, now is the time!

We are at your service. Hire a professional book writer from Urban to give life to your dream.

Become An Author To A Best Seller

Hire a Ghostwriter for your book

Urban Book Publishers offers excellent ghostwriting services with complete rights transferred

The Urban’s Ghostwriting Services Package Consists Of:
  • Thorough research and analysis about your idea
  • Writing in accordance to research and analysis
  • Refined formatting and typesetting to ready the text for publication
  • Book cover designing and illustrations
  • Video book trailers
  • For your book navigating the best literary agency
  • Providing consultancy for both traditional publishing & self-publishing
  • Planning and drafting your manuscript
  • Providing self-publishing service
  • Designing your book cover
  • To amend all major & minor errors, rigorous proof-reading will be done
  • Marketing and branding your book across the globe
  • Proofreading and critical reviewing after your response

Why Us?

Because we value your dream of becoming an author and we will bring your idea to fruition in the form of assiduously written and published books. Our team consists of individuals, who have worked at some of the most acclaimed and highly regarded publishing houses such as Pearson, Bloomsbury, Penguin Random House, and HarperCollins specializing in many distinct genres.


We grab the essence of your whimsical imagination, extract it, and then with light and twisted turn we give words to it. Whether it is Poetry, novel, screenplay, flash fiction, or Novellas, we fabricate your story into a chef-d'œuvre.

Non Fiction

Give your idea a new perspective, redefine, recreate and reorganize your ideas into well-versed and expressive text, we will coordinate with you at every single step of your book. The sole focus of our service is to emboss your idea in the reader’s mind.


Pictures have their way of expressing words, where characters and phrasings stick in our minds. Our writing and illustrating extraordinaire team put their efforts to create a verbal and visual piece of art for children as well as adults.


We take your memoirs/autobiographies very seriously, as they are a manifestation of your life’s journey and the events that occurred in it, we craft the phenomenal moments in your life in a beautiful work of literature. Our writers carefully forge and craft the words of your memoir, by interviews and research to obtain all your life’s details, to create a text full of emotions and feelings, to make the reader feel they are a part of your life’s journey.

Academic & Professional books

Our professional authors are experienced, skilled, and carry all the expertise to adapt the rules, fundamentals, and intricacies of book writing with factual and authentic research.

Comics/graphic books:

By collaborating with you we will create the book’s script in sections divided by page and then by the “panels” on each. The images are described by those scripts for an illustrator to work on each frame. In addition to that, we will also provide a caption that will accompany the illustrations. We will enhance the scene more with your imagination.

Premium Ghost Writing ServiceGive A Soul To Your Idea

In the back of your head, a book idea has been shaped, waiting to be alive. However, no single word has been penned down. With Ghost Writing, you don’t have to worry about your brilliant idea never seeing the glory days.

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