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Urban Book Publishers: The Lost Apothecary: A Novel

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Writing a book takes time, and it is not like a blog or an article that you can produce in a single setting. A book can take weeks or months to produce. Therefore, every author needs our ghostwriting services at their side.

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Need Ghostwriters for Hire? Professional Ghostwriters Available.

We understand that time is often a precious commodity for authors. With countless ideas swirling in their minds, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work involved in putting thoughts to paper. That’s where we come in. Our team of skilled ghostwriters for hire is ready to be your reliable agency, offering a perfect solution to your writing challenges. Additionally, we offer you 100% rights to your ideas. Once the project is completed and delivered, our contribution will remain forever silent.

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You can make it to the best-selling titles by getting Urban Book Publishers’ editing, and publishing solutions

Book cover design for The Lost City
Book cover design for The Inheritance
Book cover design for The Diamond Heist
Book cover design for The Assassin's Blade
Book cover design for The Forbidden Kingdom
Book cover design for The Secret Society
Book cover design for The Curse of the Mummy
Book cover design for The Witching Hour
Book cover design for The Witching Hour
Book cover design for The Witching Hour
Book cover design for The Witching Hour
Book cover design for The Witching Hour
Book cover design for The Witching Hour
Book cover design for The Witching Hour
Book cover design for The Witching Hour
Book cover design for The Witching Hour
Book cover design for The Witching Hour

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You can be the author of your dreams in the USA and beyond.

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    We have an exclusive all-in-one package that includes all the services related to ghostwriting.

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    Our online ghostwriters are all native English speakers and creative individuals.

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Keep the Ball Rolling

We write to save you time and help you produce as much content as possible in your everyday busy schedule. With our ghostwriters for hire at your side, you can finish research, drafting, editing, and proofreading in a short time.

At Your Side Every Step of the Way.

The reputation of our ghostwriting company stands on the pillar of reliability and complete excellence.

Special Features of our Packages :
  • Complete assistance with research and fact-checking.
  • Author profile building on various author-related platforms.
  • Creating video trailers and content marketing.
  • Planning book laying, outlining, and formatting.
  • Creating initial drafting and editing as per your feedback.
  • Ensuring that the content is factually, literally, and grammatically correct.
  • Compliance with media regulations and academic rules.
  • Respecting industry and genre standards to keep content relatable.
  • Cover designing and writing the book in your specific pattern of speech.
  • Creating book listings for search engines, PDFs, Audio-books, and hard copies.
  • Online marketing and paid advertisement.
  • Maintaining Brand reputations through reviews and online support.
  • Consistent updates regarding work progress and changes.

Why Choose Urban Book Publishers?

The answer is simple: because you won’t find a better option. We pride ourselves on being one of the most reputable ghostwriting companies in the USA, with one of the biggest teams of professional writers. Many of our writers are accomplished best-selling authors in their own right. The goal is to maintain our brand integrity while contributing to your growing success. We are not here just to write content; our motivation is to nurture, support and create new best-selling authors who can make a meaningful impact on the world with their expert knowledge.

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Writing fiction is something that takes extra effort and time. Creating something that actually doesn’t exist or has no historical presence is a challenge in itself. From creating characters to developing their own world around them, we will help you with both.

Profitable services

Non Fiction

Content that has a historical background and roots immersed in reality requires extra fact-checking for accuracy. Our writers will make sure that your content is accurate, fact-checked, and completely authentic.

Secure ownership


A picture speaks more than hundreds of words which is why more emphasis is put on pictures rather than words when it comes to children’s books. Our content creators write books for ages and school standards.

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Your life experiences can be a life-changing lesson for anyone going through similar trials. Therefore, great people share their memoirs with the world to ensure that their legacy can benefit future generations. Our writers will ensure that your autobiography may reach the right people as soon as possible.

Academic & Professional books

Books based on industrial research for education purposes require extra clarity, proofreading, and expert editing. This increases the production time, but a curriculum doesn’t wait. That’s where we come in to ensure that your new academic masterpiece is published quickly.

Professional excellence

Comics/graphic books:

Magazines, comics, and other books related to the idea of entertainment require extra creativity. This type of content takes extra time to think about plot points and storylines. Our ghost book writers will give you the extra time to explore your creative process while we put pen to paper and complete the content in between events.


Our prices sound too good to be true –low cost and cheap –but it is what it is! While working with us, you will get a lot more than what you pay for. See our bundles or create your own packages at a discounted price.

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