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Self-Publishing Services by Urban Book Publishing

Today, traditional publishing is more like a hurdle than a support. Luckily, you have the perfect alternative to our self-publishing services.

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Don't Want to Bother with Traditional Publishers? Hire Our Self-Publishing Company!

Traditional publishing used to be a godsend help for authors. It was an opportunity to get funding, editing, printing, and marketing for their books. However, now it has become more of a hurdle. First of all, traditional publishers are extremely selective. On the other hand, when they do select an idea, they demand authors surrender copyrights and demand a high percentage of profit sharing.

On the other hand, publishing houses demand too much expense and effort for a single author. Therefore, our professional self-publishing company gives you a great offer. Now, for a nominal fee, you can avail of the following benefits:

    Benefits for Authors
  • • Experts make all the effort to produce your literature.
  • • No profit sharing, and no surrendering copyrights.
  • • No lengthy selection process and quick turnaround time.
    Benefits for Readers
  • • Getting the new words for their favorite authors is fast and easy.
  • • Get their favorite book in hardcopy and digital print.
  • • Simple to understand language with intriguing narratives.

Our Self-Publishing Portfolio of Success Stories

As a self-publishing agency, we have a reputation to keep. Our portfolio does a pretty good job at that!

Top Self-Publishing Choice Across the Board and Map

Our experts are offering self-publishing in the USA and beyond. No matter your location or level of experience, you can leverage our services online.

  • Customizable Self-Publishing Packages

    Our customers have the power to alter their packages based on their needs and budgets.

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  • Customer Service Staff Available 24/7

    Customers' experience is a priority, and Urban Book Publishers delivers undivided attention to each project.

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  • Expert Teams

    We have an in-house pool of expert teams who are ready to work on your project and maximize value for you.

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Adding Value One At A Time

You won't find such cheap yet highly valued self-publishing services anywhere else. Let us know if you want to self-publish to minimize hassle and high expenses.

We Are the Premium Self-Publishing Solution!

As an author, you know that there is a flood of book titles in the market. Thus, you need to act fast and produce new titles fast to step up your game. Hiring us eliminates all your publishing-related problems. Our experts and their services give our clients a unique angle, speed, and industry expertise.


  • Complimentary self-publishing consultation with experts.
  • Conduct authentic and accurate topical research.
  • A complete initial draft with an appropriate series of chapters.
  • Chapter-by-chapter reviews to ensure the ideal outcome.
  • Expert editing to implement clients' feedback and more.
  • Making the text visually appealing with structural formatting.
  • Proofreading every sentence, word, and phrase of the content.
  • Marketing your self-published book on multiple channels.
  • Printing with quality paper or in digital format.
  • Launching your self-published book title on all the major platforms.


  • Invaluable advice from industry experts for an ideal approach.
  • Compliance with facts, copyrights, and media standards.
  • A holistic view of your resulting book for coherence and editing.
  • Ensure the authors' vision is intact and in control.
  • Improving text for better readability and creativity.
  • Text that has a conversational flow and is easy on the eyes.
  • Accuracy and flawlessness in the text and the plot.
  • Gather avid readers from multiple online channels to your book.
  • High-quality paper and. PDF files for convenience.
  • High visibility, better recognition, and sales from multiple channels.

Explore the endless possibilities of digital poetry publishing with us today.

Why We Are the Best Self-Book Publishing Company?

We eliminate the worst and keep the best in self-publishing. All your hassle, time, and budget problems are gone with our service. This is what we offer to our clients!

Affordable pricing

Every Genre and Niche

We have diverse experience in multiple industries and niches. From professional to poetry book publishing, we have years of experience under our belt.

Profitable services

Fast and Effortless Publishing

The biggest hurdle in self-publishing is the time and effort the authors have to put in. By taking over these duties, we make your book publishing effortless and swift.

Secure ownership

Budget Friendly Bundles

The biggest problem with traditional publishers is their costs. Therefore, we are the right alternative because we offer economical pricing for our premium publishing services.

Qualified experts

Scalable Marketing

We are all-rounders when it comes to self-publishing. Thus, we have an arsenal of tested marketing strategies. Our strategies are customizable according to your goals.

Professional excellence

High-Quality Paper Printing

Whether you want to publish books digitally or physically, we have options for both. Choose any digital file format, paper type, or printing method; we have it ready for you.

Professional excellence

Distribution Services

To ensure your books reach the most number of readers, we have distribution services for self-published authors. We can distribute your book across bookstores or online platforms.

Ready to Get Self-Publishin Help? Hire Comprehensive Self-Publishing Services!

We understand why you want to leave the traditional publishing ways behind you. The option of giving up the rights of your precious works is unacceptable to you. With us, you can retain your rights, credits, earnings, and, most importantly, your vision. Your book's content will be appropriate, effective, and, according to you, completely original without any censorship.

Become An Author To A Best Seller

We have just scratched the surface of what we are capable of. Contact us to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are self-publishing services?

Self-publishing is an alternative to traditional publishing. Due to the inconvenience and utter betrayal of the authors by traditional publishers, the authors came up with the idea of self-publishing. It is a way of self-sponsoring your own book with your own time, effort, and money. Self-publishing has a lot of advantages like you do not have to give up your copyrights, share your credits or profits, or often get rejections. Traditional publishing houses are very picky when it comes to selecting manuscripts, and even after that, they heavily edit the contents, often completely changing it. Self-publishing eliminates all these hurdles for authors.

How can Urban Book Publishers help with self-publishing?

Self-publishing may look like a bed of roses, but it is certainly not. The problem here is that authors have to do all the work. They have to make extraordinary efforts and give unlimited time. If they are hiring writers, editors, formatters, proofreaders, and other service providers, they have to spend an insurmountable amount of money.

This is where Urban Book Publishers ensure that you do not have to do all that. For an appropriately nominal fee, we will takeover all the necessary hardships, so you don't have to. We work for every publishing process step: producing, printing, and publishing.

Is editing included in self-publishing services?

Yes, editing is certainly a part of our self-publishing services. We offer it as an inclusive service in our self-publishing packages, or you can get in individually. Our editing exists solely to improve your content, implement your feedback, and comply with media standards. We do not edit to change the plot or purpose of your book. The contents remain to be in your literary vision and completely original. Hence, you can have a sigh of relief that our editors will not temper with your work. We just make sure your work is free of errors and follow the genre standards.

What formats can I publish with these services?

If you wish to self-publish your book as an eBook, then you must be mindful of the available formats. These are the file extensions and technologies to make your eBook file better suitable for certain online platforms. Here are some examples of eBook file formats:

PDF: Adobe Systems' Portable Document Format is the most accessible. It works with all browsers, eReaders, and cell phones.

EPUB: The International Digital Publishing Forum has established this as the prevalent technical standard. It protects intellectual copyrights with built-in DRM.

iBooks: A platform-specific format for Apple Inc. subsidiary iBooks Authors. It includes the EULA to help authors charge for their work.

Kindle(Amazon): The current edition of Amazon Kindle Books is .kfx. HTML5 and CSS3 make it universally compatible but optimal for Amazon devices.

Are there marketing options for self-published books?

Yes! At Urban Book Publishers, we recognize the value of successfully marketing for self-publishing authors. A multitude of marketing alternatives are available to make your book stand out in the saturated online market.

Search Engine Optimization: Our team of SEO specialists will make sure your book is well-represented online and appears in the results of highly relevant and popular search terms. This implies that when prospective readers look up related subjects or genres online, they will find your book, as a result, recommended by Google.

Social Media Marketing: Utilize social media to your advantage to engage your audience with SMM (Social Media Marketing). Urban Book Publishers develops social media strategies, thought-provoking content, and visually striking images. These will market your book on various platforms and cultivate a dedicated reader base.

Amazon Kindle Paid Advertising: We handle paid advertising campaigns that are specific for targeting your ideal demographic. If you wish to reach a larger audience on Amazon, then paid marketing on Amazon is the way

Our clients get access to all of these marketing services and more. Urban Book Publishers' self-publishing services guarantee that your book will receive its rightful recognition in the cutthroat publishing industry.

Can I retain the rights to my work with self-publishing?

Absolutely! Self-publishing with Urban Book Publishers empowers authors like you. When you select us, you own your work. Authors come first, so you preserve your book rights. Self-publishing is easy with our expert advice, protecting creative independence. We provide professional editing, formatting, cover design, and distribution in customized publishing packages. Imagine managing your literary masterpiece from manuscript to publication with our industry knowledge. You own your vision, words, and rights—we'll help you self-publish successfully and exclusively. Authors can self-publish with Urban Book Publishers and retain full ownership of their work. Your narrative.

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